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  • Cityzap
    Leeds to York FAST
    0 reported issues
  • Coastliner 840, Coastliner 843
    Leeds to York & Malton then Scarborough or Pickering & Whitby

    Evening road closures affecting Coastliner

    Evening road closures mean we are unable to reach stops Seacroft ring road and Grimes Dike on Coastliner 840 and 843 between 7pm and 6am on these dates 11 June - 21 June 25 June - 27 June 29 June - 3 July If your journey is affected, you can use alternative stops The Old Red Lion PH or Seacroft, Green

    Diversion on #Coastliner 840

    Due to a road closure, #Coastliner 840 will not be able to reach the following stops: Carhill Lane, Carhill , Ruswarp, Chainbridge Holiday & Ruswarp Bank Top. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause

  • Flyer A1
    Leeds Bradford Airport to Leeds
    0 reported issues
  • Flyer A2
    Leeds Bradford Airport to Bradford and Harrogate
    0 reported issues
  • Flyer A3
    Leeds Bradford Airport to Otley and Shipley then Bradford
    0 reported issues
  • Castle Line
    York to Castle Howard then Malton
    0 reported issues
  • 14
    Haxby to York then Foxwood
    0 reported issues
  • 19
    York to Skelton
    0 reported issues
  • 20
    Rawcliffe to Monks Cross then Heworth & Osbaldwick
    0 reported issues
  • 22, 23
    York to Boroughbridge then Ripon & Knaresborough

    Diversion on the 22

    ⚠️Due to roadworks, the 22 is unable to reach all stops between Village Green, Little Ouseburn and Green Hill, Great Ouseburn at the moment. The nearest alternative stops are Lane End and Branton Court. Our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

    Road closure affecting stops on the 22 and 23

    From 20 June to 7 August, we will be unable to reach stops Springbank Surgery & Bernard Lane on the 22 and 23 due to a road closure. If your stop is affected, you can instead use either the Rosedale Cottage or Kirk Hammerton stops instead.

  • 24
    York to Acomb
    0 reported issues
  • 25
    Fulford to York then Derwenthorpe
    0 reported issues
  • 26
    Fulford to York then South Bank
    0 reported issues
  • 194
    Hovingham to Malton
    0 reported issues
    Barthorpe to Norton College
    0 reported issues
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