More flights on Denby Darts from 16 May

1 month ago Fri 8th Apr 2022

From Monday 16 May, Denby Darts D2 and D3 will replace the 83, 83A, 84 and 84A buses between Denby Dale and Huddersfield. 

You can find the new timetable here

Denby Darts D2 will run through Lower Cumberworth, Shepley replacing the 84, then to Kirkburton and Lepton as the 83 does now.

Denby Darts D3 will call at Upper Denby, Shepley, then fast along Penistone Road to Waterloo and into Huddersfield.

They will each run every two hours, combining to run every hour in most places.

Note we will run through Lepton at new times so please check the new timetable as there will be minor changes at other points too. 

Top tip - buses switch routes in Denby Dale so you can get on a D3 in Upper Denby in either direction and travel through to Huddersfield!

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