Our times are a little different around Christmas

9 months ago Fri 19th Nov 2021

With Christmas fast approaching, we know how important it is for our customers to be able to plan ahead and stay organised.

We're expecting many more people using the bus during December. You'll still feel comfortable and confident on board, just remember to wear a face covering and to check timetables carefully. Our Transdev Go app shows live departure times and how many seats are available on each journey, so you can avoid busier buses.Below, you can find our Christmas timetable to ensure you know we're there for you when you need us.

Check out some of the great destinations and winter events right on your doorstep, and how to reach them, in our handy guide here

Below, you can find out how we're running over Christmas, to ensure you know we're there for you when you need us.

Friday 24th - Friday times with last buses around 7pm, see details below
Christmas Day - No buses
Boxing Day - Boxing Day timetables on Trax 468 and Tottington line
Monday 27th - Buses running to Sunday times
Tuesday 28th - Buses running to Sunday times
Wednesday 29th - buses running to Saturday times
Thursday 30th - buses running to Saturday times
Friday 31st - buses running to Saturday times, with last buses around 7pm, see details below
New Years Day - no buses
Sunday 2nd - Sunday buses
Monday 3rd - Sunday buses
Tuesday 4th - buses return to normal

For the rest of the Christmas period, all of our buses will be running as normal, using our usual routes. This means you can still rely on us to get you where you need to be, whether that's for work or essential Christmas shopping.

Last buses on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve

Lakeline 458

6.08pm Rochdale to Littleborough

6.45pm Littleborough to Rochdale

6.50pm Rochdale to Wardle Chapel


1843 Rochdale to Accrington

1800 Accrington to Bacup

1820 Accrington to Rochdale

1840 Accrington to terminate at Rawtenstall (7.04pm)

Trax 467 & 468

467 6.50pmBury to Rochdale

467 5.56pm Rochdale to Bury

468 6.35pm Bury to Rochdale

468 6.16pm Rochdale to Bury

468 6.40pm Rochdale to terminate at Bamford (6.53pm)

Tottington Line

6.46pm Bury to Tottington

6.58pm Tottington to Bury

Irwell Line 481 & 483

481 6.44pm Bury to Rawtenstall

481 6.02pm Rawtenstall to Bury

481 5.08pm Blackburn to Bury

481 6.25pm Blackburn to terminate at Rawtenstall (7.09pm)

483 4.02pm Burnley to Bury

483 6.35pm Burnley to terminate at Rawtenstall (7.09pm)


6.45pm Rochdale to Syke Chapel

6.56pm Syke Chapel to Rochdale


6.10pm Rochdale to Norden

6.29pm Norden to Rochdale

Ribble Country 64

6.20pm Burnley to Clitheroe

7.20pm Clitheroe to Burnley

Little Hotline 153 

6.40pm Preston to Leyland

6.54pm Leyland to Preston

Will not be running

All other services as normal

If you have any questions for us about our timetable over the Christmas period, you can get in contact through our Facebook page or on Twitter @Rossobus