We're getting back to normal with more buses from 5 July

2 weeks ago Thu 25th Jun 2020

From 5 July we are adding more buses as we start to see an increase to customers on board. 

We will be getting back to normal frequencies on our Monday to Friday timetables to ensure you can still spread out on board. 

Clean, safe and ready to go.

Adding more buses is just one of things we are doing as part of our intensive work to make sure buses are clean and safe for our drivers and customers. Read more here.

Check what times your buses will be using from 5 July below

The Shuttle - Keighley to Bradford

Monday to Friday buses will run every 10 minutes during the day  

62 - Keighley to Ilkley then Otley & Leeds Bradford Airport

Will run every two hours between Ilkley, Menston Station, Otley and Leeds Bradford Airport Monday to Saturday. Sunday buses between Otley, Pool and Leeds Bradford Airport are restarting too  

Brontebus - Keighley to Haworth then Stanbury, Oakworth or Oxenhope and Hebden Bridge

There will be a bus every 20 minutes from Keighley to Haworth and buses every hour to Stanbury (B1), Oakworth (B2) and Oxenhope (B3). Due to major roadworks the road between Oxenhope and Hebden Bridge is closed Monday to Friday so we can only reach Hebden Bridge at weekends. 

K9 - Keighley to Bracken Bank

Buses will run every 15 minutes from Monday to Friday  

K10 - Keighley to Oakworth then Oxenhope

The K10 is back with one bus every two hours Monday to Saturday. 

K11 - Keighley to Broomhill

The K11 is back with one bus every two hours Monday to Saturday.

K12 - Keighley to Blackhill

The K12 is back with one bus every two hours Monday to Saturday.

K13 - Keighley to Riddlesden

The K13 is back with one bus every two hours Monday to Saturday

K15 - Keighley to Oxenhope then Haworth

Will be brought back on a new timetable

K16 - Keighley to Haworth then Scar Top

Will be brought back on a new timetable

K17 & K19 - Keighley to Bingley then Wilsden & Cullingworth

Times changed to a bus every two hours Monday to Saturday

Wharfedale Links 965 - Otley to Weston then Wharfedale Hospital

Will return to normal timetable again  

Wharfedale Links 966 - Guiseley to Yeadon

Will be reintroduced with a close to normal timetable.

If your bus isn't mentioned here, your timetable is staying the same as it is now and you can find it here.

Questions? Tweet us @Keighleybus or get in contact through our Facebook page.