Ride around all day with these great value tickets

We've got a range of day tickets which offer cracking value if you're making more than one trip in a day.


Ride all around our KZONE in Keighley, all day long! 

KZONE 1 £3.30

If you use day tickets often, it'll be better value for you to buy a bundle of five day tickets for the price of four.

KZONE bundle of 5 day tickets £13.20

KZONE boundary map

Download map pdf here


Travel all day, as often as you like on any Keighley Bus Company bus, and on Mainline M4 as far as Colne, too. 

KDAY before 9.30am weekdays £5

KDAY after 9.30am and all day on weekends £4.50

KDAY U19 for an under 19 year old. Use after 9.30am on weekdays and all day at weekends.£2.70

KDAY & KCARD EXTRA boundary map


Download map pdf here

Travelling further afield? 

Check out our Daytripper range - travel on Transdev buses all across the north from just £10.

And if you need to travel more than once a week, you could make big savings with our range of 7 Day and 28 Day tickets.