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Ride around all day with these great value tickets

We've got a range of day tickets which offer cracking value if you're making more than one trip in a day.


Ride all around Keighley, all day long! Use KZONE on any of our buses within Keighley town, including on the Keighley Jets, theSHUTTLE, Aireline and on Mainline M4, too.

KZONE 1 £3.30

If you use day tickets often, it'll be better value for you to buy a bundle of five day tickets for the price of four.

KZONE bundle of 5 day tickets £13.20


Travel all day, as often as you like on any Keighley Bus Company bus, and on Mainline M4 as far as Colne, too. 

KDAY before 9.30am weekdays £5

KDAY after 9.30am and all day on weekends £4.50

KDAY U19 £2.20

Travelling further afield? 

Check out our Daytripper range - travel on Transdev buses all across the north from just £10.

And if you need to travel more than once a week, you could make big savings with our range of 7 Day and 28 Day tickets.


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