We're bringing bigger buses to Dalesway! And better buses are on the way too

2 weeks ago Tue 23rd Jun 2020

We know it can get busy on Dalesway and it’s really important that we allow everyone to space themselves out at the moment.

We’re therefore bringing you bigger, double deck buses with more seats and more room to spread out on board.

For the moment, and so we can get these buses on Dalesway quickly, they will be in unfamiliar colours – but they will be well-branded with the green and yellow Dalesway name and image that you’re used to. And they’ll have really comfy leather seats, and free WiFi and USB power at every seat.

This is all ahead of an even better fleet of double deck buses dedicated to Dalesway arriving later this year, all with spacious and comfortable first class leather seats for everyone.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on our Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as here our website, for news on when these bigger and better buses will be here.