We're getting back to normal with more buses from 5 July

2 weeks ago Wed 24th Jun 2020

From 5 July we are adding more buses as we start to see an increase to customers on board. 

We will be getting back to normal frequencies on our Monday to Friday timetables to ensure you can still spread out on board. 

Clean, safe and ready to go.

Adding more buses is just one of things we are doing as part of our intensive work to make sure buses are clean and safe for our drivers and customers. Read more here.

Check what times your buses will be using from 5 July below

The 1 - Harrogate to Knaresborough

Will run as normal every 7/8 minutes Monday to Friday daytime and every 20 minutes in the evenings on the 1A, 1B and 1C.

On Saturdays buses will be every 10 minutes with two per hour to Aspin, Eastfield and Carmires and one per hour to The Pastures. On Saturday evenings they will be every half an hour on a combined route through Carmires, Eastfield and Aspin. 

On Sundays the 1 will run every 20 minutes with a combined hourly evening service. 

Harrogate Electrics - Harrogate to Bilton, Jennyfield and Pannal Ash

2A/2B timetable

3 timetable

6/6X timetable

The 2A, 2B and 3 will be back to their normal Monday to Friday daytime times. The 6 will run every half an hour Monday to Friday with some different times during rush hour. 

The 36 - Ripon & Harrogate to Leeds

Will run as normal every 10 minutes to Leeds and every 20 minutes to Ripon Monday to Friday. Park Row will not be served at peak times due to roadworks, instead stopping at Leeds Bus Station and New Briggate. 

On Saturdays, The 36 will run every 15 minutes to Leeds and 30 minutes to Ripon and on Sundays every 30 minutes to Leeds and hourly to Ripon. 

In the evenings throughout the week The 36 will be running hourly. 

7 - Harrogate to Wetherby then Leeds

The 7 run to it's normal Monday to Friday timetable, with no changes on evenings and weekends.

24 - Harrogate to Pateley Bridge

We're adding an extra morning trip on the 24.

If your bus isn't mentioned here, your timetable is staying the same as it is now and you can find it here.

Questions? Tweet us @Harrogatebus or get in contact through our Facebook page.