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Harrogate Electrics
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Harrogate to Jennyfield Circular

Closure of West Park - diversion on the 3, 24 & 36

18th - 20th Sep

On 18, 19 and 20 September, the 3, 24 and 36 won't be able to get to the usual stops between Victoria Avenue and the Royal Hall. We'll be taking a different route from Harrogate bus station to Ripon Road. You can still catch the 3, 24 and 36 towards Jennyfield, Pateley Bridge and Ripon from Harrogate bus station as normal.

Diversions on the 3, 24 and 36 between 21 September and 1 October

21st - 30th Sep

The 3, 24 and 36 won’t be able to get to stops between Victoria Avenue and the Royal Hall between 21 September and 1 October. At some times we also will miss stops between the Royal Hall and the Little Wonder Roundabout. Early morning and evening journeys will run to normal times every day so people can travel to and from work at each end of the day, and to watch the event. On 23 and 24 September Ripon Bus Station will be closed, so our final stop in Ripon will be a temporary stop on Somerset Row, just next to Low Skellgate. Daytime buses on the 36 will also run as normal every 20 minutes through the day on six of the nine event days. On the other three days – 21, 24, 25 Sep – we will not be able to run between Harrogate and Ripon due to road closures for a period in the middle of the day. On 21 and between 24 and 29 September, there will be times through the day when buses to Jennyfield won’t be running. On 22 and 23 September the 3 is using the normal timetable. Between 24 and 28 September some buses on the 24 won’t be able to run, and this varies day by day. Download special event timetables over at

Route map

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- - - 07:4908:0408:1908:3408:4909:0409:1909:3409:4910:0410:1910:3410:4911:0411:1911:3411:4912:0412:1912:3412:4913:0413:1913:3413:4914:0414:1914:3414:4915:0415:1915:3515:5016:0516:2016:3516:5017:0517:2117:3617:5118:0618:1918:3719:0719:3720:0720:3721:0721:3722:0722:3723:0723:37
- - - 07:5508:1008:2508:4008:5509:1009:2509:4009:5510:1010:2510:4010:5511:1011:2511:4011:5512:1012:2512:4012:5513:1013:2513:4013:5514:1014:2514:4014:5515:1015:2515:4115:5616:1116:2616:4116:5617:1117:2717:4217:5718:1218:2518:4019:1019:4020:1020:4021:1021:4022:1022:4023:1023:40
- - - 08:0308:1808:3308:4809:0309:1809:3309:4810:0310:1810:3310:4811:0311:1811:3311:4812:0312:1812:3312:4813:0313:1813:3313:4814:0314:1814:3314:4815:0315:1815:3315:4916:0416:1916:3416:4917:0417:1917:3517:5018:0518:2018:3318:4819:1819:4820:1820:4821:1821:4822:1822:4823:1823:48