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FREE day tickets for all - click to get yours

5th Apr onwards

FREE day tickets for all!

We're giving away a free day's travel from 17 May to everyone who has our Transdev Go app installed and an account set up.

Get the app, go to ‘settings’ and make sure you have an account set up, ready for the big day.

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Vicar Lane is closed in Leeds, so we’re missing some stops on the 36 and 7

Today 07:29 - 10th May

On the 36, buses in and out of Leeds can’t reach stops between Barrack Road and Vicar Lane. Please use the stop at the Mandela Centre or Leeds Bus Station.

Buses on the 7 are unaffected on the way into Leeds. Leaving Leeds, buses are missing the Vicar Lane stop only so please use the bus station instead.

The closure is all weekend until 5.30am Monday morning on Monday 10 May.

Clifton Moor End closure affecting the 7

11th Apr onwards

  • Affected routes:
  • 7

From 11 April, we're unable to reach stops on High Street and Clifton Moor End in both directions due to a road closure. Your nearest alternative stops are Railway Inn and Plumpton Rocks

Coal Road and Skeltons Road closure affecting stops on 7

6th Apr - 1st Aug

  • Affected routes:
  • 7

Unfortunately, due to the closure of Skeltons Road and Coal Road from 6 April to 1 August, we're unable to reach all stops between Bramley Grange and Seacroft Ring Road in both directions on the 7. The nearest alternative stops are at Seacroft Bus Station and Sandhill Villas

Roadworks on Otley Road affecting our stops at College Street & Harlow Oval

4th Jan onwards

🚧 Roadworks on Otley Road mean that we're currently unable to reach our stops at College Street & Harlow Inn on #HarrogateElectrics 6 and X6. Your nearest alternative stop will be Harlow Oval or Plantation Road. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.