Get buzzing with the Transdev Teach electric activity pack

1 year ago Sun 17th Jan 2021

Since you may not be able to ride our buses right now, we’re bringing them into your home with Transdev Teach. 

Designed and compiled with the help of teachers and parents, our Transdev Teach activity packs are both educational and fun - perfect if you're home-schooling and need something a bit different for your young'uns. And they’re printer friendly too - designed to look great but use a small amount of ink so you don’t need to splash out on new ink cartridges to use them! 

Check out our electric activity pack! Take a ride on the Harrogate Electrics through the amazing maze, learn about the history of electricity, test your knowledge of Harrogate in our quiz, colour in your own electric bus, and more too! 

Download the electric activity pack here

Whilst it’s been made with ages 6-11 in mind, we know younger kids will love the colouring in just as much as grown ups will too, so take a look! 

Download the other four Transdev Teach activity packs here too:

out of this world activity pack
seaside activity pack
flaming hot activity pack
go with the flow activity pack

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Have you downloaded our build your own bus city pack yet? Click here to see - it’s perfect for all ages. 

Give us a tweet @harrogatebus if you need any help.