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Harrogate Autumn Flower Show
​​​​​Harrogate's famous Autumn Flower Show returns from 13-15 September, and there's no better way of getting there than by bus.
Catch the bus to the bike race ... and to work, to school, and to the shops!
The UCI World Cycling Championships will roll into town from 21 until 29 September.
Travel on the 36 for just £2 with your rail ticket
Travel between Harrogate and Leeds for just £2 with your train ticket whilst the rail line is closed!
Fares & tickets in Harrogate
Whether you travel with us every day or just every so often, we've got an amazing range of tickets for you.
We're all about Harrogate
Find out where you can travel on our buses around town and beyond.
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See your journey history, track your spending and find out how contactless capping works.