Service Updates

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We're getting back to normal with new timetables and more buses

27th Aug onwards

Many of our timetables are returning to normal. Click the link for more information about buses in your area, including the change dates and links to timetables.

New route 784 linking Skipton, Ilkley and Otley from 5 Oct.

Today 14:20 - 5th Oct

From 5 Oct we will be taking over the 784 service that links Skipton, Ilkley and Otley. There will be an hourly bus from Monday to Saturday. KDAY and KCARD Extra tickets will be accepted on the 784. You can make connections with Pendle Wizz at Skipton using a Daytripper or Gold ticket.

Dedicated buses for Students

10th Sep onwards

We have introduced extra buses reserved for school children to make sure everyone can travel safely. The 7:55am Dalesway from Keighley to Sutton is for students only, if you are a student travelling around this time then please use this bus.