Welcome to Ribble Country. More buses and better buses for the Ribble Valley

1 week ago Sun 2nd May 2021

In partnership with Lancashire County Council, we’ve brought you a vastly improved bus network connecting Burnley, Pendle and the Ribble Valley.

We've introduced a brand new fleet of 18 Mercedes midibuses, fully accessible and stylishly appointed inside and out, along with increased timetables and new Sunday buses too. Look out for our buses in the new, bright Ribble Country identity, reflecting our pride in the local area and our heritage as we commemorate 102 years since the formation of ‘The Mighty Ribble’ bus company.

Take a look at where we're running across Ribble Country

Ribble Country routes

See what's improved, and download timetables

We're running the following routes and have brought in a range of enhancements to many. Click the route name to download our new timetables.

Ribble Country 4 Clitheroe – Peel Park Circular

Every hour Monday to Saturday – there's a new timetable on this route.

Ribble Country 6 Burnley – Reedley Hallows – General Hospital – Nelson – Marsden Park – Boundary Mill – Colne.

The 6 has replaced the 95 previously run by Holmeswood. There is a simpler route with a bus now every 30 minutes and a new Sunday service too.

In Colne, we run direct from Birtwistle Avenue and Colne Town Centre via Langroyd Road before then looping around Venables Avenue and Castle Road.

In Nelson, there is a more direct route from Nelson to Burnley General Hospital, and route 69 will serve Chapel House Road instead (see below).

New, Sunday timetable means buses every hour between Colne and Nelson on this route.

Ribble Country 14 Burnley - Clifton Farm 

The timetable is doubled compared to before, with buses now every 30 minutes Monday to Saturday, and a new hourly service on Sundays.

Ribble Country 15 Burnley – Healey Wood and Rose Hill

We run every 30 minutes, Monday to Saturday, with a revised timetable and a new, hourly Sunday service too.

Ribble Country 64 Burnley – Sycamore Avenue -  Lowerhouses – Padiham – Sabden – Whalley – Clitheroe

We have doubled the timetable to every hour, and introduce new Sunday buses every 2 hours.

Ribble Country 65 Burnley – Sycamore Avenue – Lowerhouses – Cambridge Drive – Padiham – Higham – Fence – Nelson

This 65 continues to run every 2 hours. The route is changed to serve Cambridge Drive and St Johns Road in Padiham and Lomeshaye. Routes 65 and 66 offer a combined hourly timetable between Fence and Nelson.

Ribble Country 66/67 Clitheroe – Chatburn – Downham- Barley – Fence (66) or Blacko (67) - Barrowford – Nelson & Colne College – Nelson

These routes will provide a combined, hourly timetable along much of the route. The 66 now serves Barrowford instead of Carr Hall or Lomeshaye (see 65 above instead). A new, Summer Sunday timetable is running every 2 hours.

Ribble Country 68 Colne – Barrowford-  Carr Hall – Nelson

This new route replaced the 95A to South Valley Drive and Alkincoats, and provides a new link along Barrowford Road and to Riverside Business Park. It runs every hour, Monday to Saturday.

Ribble Country 69 Nelson- Chapel House Road – Brierfield – Burnley General Hospital  

We run every hour Monday to Saturday on the 69. This replaces the 95A through Brunswick Street and Kings Causeway and Brierfield.

These changes are accompanied by a range of enhancements to the remainder of the bus network across Lancashire as we look at getting everyone Back to Bus for work, class, shopping and all round good fun!

Check for other updates posted on our homepage here.  

Tickets and added value

The other huge benefit of the new Ribble Country network being part of the Transdev family is better, simpler ticketing. It means you can easily change buses for onward journeys across Lancashire and into Greater Manchester all on one ticket, making it much easier and better value for money - whilst still being able to buy the current tickets at the same prices if that's what works best for you.

Our buses around Burnley and Pendle

If you'll just be using Ribble Country and The Burnley Bus Company buses in and around Burnley or Pendle, get either a Burnley or a Pendle ticket for best value.

1 Day
£4.80 for adults
£3.20 for under 19s

7 Days
£16.50 for adults
£10.70 for under 19s

Check out the full range including journey and day ticket bundles, 28 day and monthly subscription options here.

Our buses across Lancashire

If your journey takes you out of our Burnley or Pendle zones, and you'd like to use The Burnley Bus Company and The Blackburn Bus Company buses as well as Ribble Country buses, you'll find our Lancashire ticket the best value.

1 Day
£7 for adults
£4.60 for under 19s

7 Days
£22.50 for adults
£14.60 for under 19s

Check out the full range including journey and day ticket bundles, 28 day and monthly subscription options here.

Remember you can buy most tickets on board using contactless, by using the free and secure Transdev Go app, or by visiting our team at the shop in Burnley Bus Station. 

Ribble Country 

When you buy a Lancashire County Council ticket on our Ribble Country buses, it'll be called a Ribble Country ticket. 

This will be the best ticket for you if you just want to travel on Ribble country buses, and other routes across the Ribble Valley such as the 2 and 25 run by Holmeswood and the 3, 4, 5, 5A and 25 run by Pilkingtons - more info here.

The prices will remain the same as they are now as follows:

1 Day
£8 for adults
£5 for under 19s
£4 for under 12s
£10 for two people travelling together
£15 for up to 2 adults and 3 children

7 Days
£15 for adults
£10 for under 19s

These tickets are only available to be purchased on the bus, where you can use either contactless, Apple Pay, Google Pay or cash.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you on board Ribble Country – keep in touch with us on Twitter @Burnleybuses or on our Facebook page if you have any questions.