Service Updates

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You now must wear a face covering on all buses

15th Jun onwards

You now must wear a face covering when using the bus. More information and details on how to make a covering, or buy one from us, are on this link.

Closure on St James Street

22nd Jun - 30th Nov

From Monday 22 June to Monday 30 November, St James Street will be closed for bridge works. This means we can't use the Empire stop, and instead will be using an alternative stops on Bethesda Street for outbound journeys and Brown Street for inbound. We're sorry if this affects your journey with us.

Closure of Deansgate affecting stops

12th Jun onwards

Red Express and Witchway are no longer able to pick customers up on Deansgate, Following the recent closure of part of Deansgate by Manchester City Council we have had to use a diversion via Blackfrairs Street. Unfortunately Salford City Council are now making Blackfrairs Street one way which stops us using Deansgate for journeys to Accrington or Burnley. The nearest bus stop is now outside Trinity Church on Chapel Street. Buses will still be able to drop you on Deansgate when travelling into Manchester. We are very sorry for this further disruption which is completely outside our control

Road closure on High Street in Skipton means we cannot serve colleges

10th Jun onwards

From 10th June for eight weeks High Street in Skipton will be closed every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. This will cause the 4.20pm Pendle Wizz to be unable to serve the colleges with Skipton College and Gargrave Road being missed. Instead, the Broughton Road stop will be in use. We are sorry if this affects your journey with us.

Different route on the 4

8th Jun onwards

  • Affected routes:
  • 4

Stops Brunshaw Avenue and Rimington Ave will be missed and instead the 4 will serve Brownhill Avenue on its way to Worsthorne and Brownhill Rimington Ave on its return to Burnley.

Deansgate Closure, Manchester

16th May onwards

From Saturday 16 May for the foreseeable future part of Deansgate will be closed. While this closure is in place, the Witchway and Red Express are not able to reach the normal stop on Deansgate. If this is your usual stop we'll be using the St Mary's Gate stop on Deansgate (near Harvey Nichols) instead.

We're sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.

Closure of Accrington Road

4th - 4th Nov

Accrington Road will be closed for around one year (after Rosegrove) from 4 November 2019. The 9 and school bus 852 won't be able to stop along Accrington Road whilst the roadworks are taking place.

This means we won't be able to stop at Hargher Street, Cog Lane, Florence Street, Barclay Hills, Willie Holts or Valley Gardens.

If you normally catch the 9 or 852 on Accrington Road, head to the Mitre stop where we'll be able to pick you up instead.

We'll still be stopping at Network 65 - the 9 will run along the M65 from the roundabout at Burnham Gate, and will come off the motorway at the next junction, and into Network 65 as normal.

We're really sorry for any inconvenience - follow us on Twitter @burnleybuses to stay up to date.