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Padiham Bridge Inn - bus stops closed

Today 10:37 - 23rd Sep

The bus stops by the Bridge Inn at Padiham have been closed - if you normally catch your bus here, head over to the Town Hall or the stops by Victoria Road.

Roadworks in Brierfield causing delays on Mainline

11th Jun onwards

There are roadworks taking place for the next 16 weeks in Brierfield which are causing delays on Mainline, and rush hour buses on the Witchway.

We're doing our best to keep you moving - thanks for bearing with us.

These disruptions could affect future journeys

Diversions on Mainline in Brierfield

Today 18:00 - 20th Sep

We've had word that the crossroads in Brierfield (where the roadworks are currently taking place) will be closed from 7pm onwards tonight.

From 7pm, Mainline will need to take a different route around Brierfield. Towards Nelson, Mainline will turn right onto Casterton Avenue, then running along Marsden Road, Higher Reedley Road and Hibson Road, before rejoining the normal route on Lomeshaye Road.

This means that we won't be able to stop anywhere in Brierfield, or at the Oaks Hotel, Every Street, Park View Close, or Farrer Street, but we will stop at bus stops along the diversion route instead.

We're really sorry for any inconvenience.


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