Sky Class

2 years ago Mon 19th Jul 2021

Creating the ultimate in comfort for your journey. 

A multi-million pound investment in the highest-specification buses ever seen, for two key interurban routes – Witchway between Burnley and Manchester, and X98/99 linking Leeds with Wetherby – is delivering a major boost for customers and creating the kind of desire needed to give people an alternative to everyday use of the private car. 

witchway buses

A fleet of 14 stunning new buses, worth £3.8 million, entered service on our Witchway route in December 2020 - proudly built in Britain to Transdev’s exclusive Sky Class specification which offers the most sumptuous array of luxury features to feature on local buses in Britain.


The Sky Class specification, developed by Transdev, brings new levels of comfort and sophistication to both routes, including high-comfort first-class seating in the brand’s signature colours, a choice of traditional duo and individual lounge seating, spacious group and twin tables, double glazing with tinted glass, wireless and USB mobile device charging, fast and free Wi-Fi, colour next stop information displays, an on-board Book Club, and a glass panelled ceiling to let in natural light.


You’ll feel at home on board with one of the best-known stars of TV soapland, actress Jennie McAlpine, providing on-board announcements welcoming customers on board Witchway  This is all part of our on-board information offer which includes next stop announcements alongside clear arrival times and live rail & bus connections at key interchange points. 

jennie recording

The new buses for Witchway and X98/99 are based on the proven Alexander Dennis E400MMC double decker, built in Britain by the country’s biggest and most successful bus manufacturer. The fleet is expected to cover one million miles every year.

This doesn’t come with an extortionate price tag for the customer. Prices are held beneath those on rail and city centre car parking. Onward journeys beyond the Witchway and X98/99 services are made easy with excellent connections at both ends of the routes, with best-value through ticketing to and from Transdev’s bus network across Lancashire and Yorkshire.