A new name for buses in Kirklees and Calderdale – Team Pennine

There’s a new name in local buses coming your way this summer.

Team Pennine will take over the bus network currently run by Yorkshire Tiger. The new company is brought to you by Transdev, who run award-winning buses in other areas of West Yorkshire and across the north of England.

people and places


The new name symbolises our local, people-centric approach. After all, bus companies are all about the local people and places they serve. You – our customers – will be at the heart of our decision making going forward, and our colleagues based at our two depots at Elland and Waterloo will be the face of our business.

You’ll notice some changes on Day One of the new company that will make your buses easier and better to use straight away – look out for more news on that coming soon!

Meanwhile, a transformation of the business over the first 18 months will help us achieve what we set out to achieve in our other local areas across the north – to bring you buses that people are proud to be seen on.

pink is the new orange


We will be at work introducing the new brand quickly, but a number of the orange, former Yorkshire Tiger buses will remain as we get around to renewing and improving the whole fleet. Soon, the bold and bright Team Pennine buses will be a familiar sight on the streets of Halifax, Huddersfield and further afield across Kirklees and Calderdale. You won’t want to miss us.

And you’ll see a few other changes reflecting our new approach to doing business too – such as smart Team Pennine uniforms for our driving colleagues, printed timetables and guides for our routes, and enhanced information at our bus stations and key bus stops.

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There will be no changes to tickets and you’ll be able to use your existing passes as you do now. All buses currently run by Yorkshire Tiger will pass to the new company, so it’ll be business as usual for most people whilst we carry out our improvements – but routes 231 and 232 between Huddersfield and Wakefield will be run by Arriva instead.

Follow us on Twitter @TeamPennine, or on our Facebook page here, for all the latest news ahead of us starting this summer.

We’ll also be updating this webpage with news, and before the takeover date will be adding maps, tickets, timetables and more helpful information.

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