We're your Fuel Savers

3 months ago Mon 9th May 2022


It's safe to say that everyone is feeling the pinch of the petrol and diesel price rises. 

So, now’s a great time to consider an amazing alternative at a consistent price - with some great savings to take advantage of.

If you fancy leaving the car on the driveway and giving the bus a try, travelling with us can fit anyone’s budget, with our single fares starting at £1.60 and returns from £2. We also offer all-day tickets starting at only £4.50. It’s all easy to pay too, with contactless accepted on the bus.

If you want to travel a few times but don’t want to pay upfront for a season ticket, then you can still save on the cost of buying individual tickets with our ticket bundles. They're even better than a weekly ticket if you don’t use the bus every day. You can buy a bundle of 5 tickets for the cost of 4, and a bundle of 10 for the cost of 8. Activate each day and use whenever you wish – there’s no immediate expiry date! Or if single journeys are more convenient to you than days, you can buy a bundle of those too. You can buy these tickets online or on our app.

If you're an everyday commuter you can still enjoy saving with us. We have 7 day tickets starting from £17.50, and 28 days travel from as little as £57.

You can find all of of our ticket options here

If you'd like to get in touch, don't hesitate to send us a tweet @yorkbus or a message on Facebook.