All fares £1 after 7pm, now until 31 August

7 months ago Wed 5th Jan 2022

We're extending our bargain £1 single fares offer – available for any journey after 7pm - on all of our buses until 31 August.

If you’re travelling after 7pm you pay just £1 no matter how far you travel on any of our buses across Yorkshire, Lancashire and Greater Manchester.

We've seen lots more customers join us to get out and about each evening, helping to boost the local evening economies and encourage more people to come back to bus and enjoy a safe night out.

You can buy this ticket direct from the driver on board using cash or contactless.

Our Commercial Director Paul Turner has said

"We know our buses can play a vital part in economic revival beyond the pandemic, and with that in mind, we created our £1 after 7pm fare deal to support the North’s evening economy and help everyone to enjoy travelling safely for less.

“We originally planned to offer the £1 evening fare until the end of September, and as it’s clearly helping to attract more people to return to the bus with all the benefits that brings to leisure-based businesses, we’ve decided to extend it through until the end of August.

“All of our buses are clean, safe and ready to go as always, and with this extended low fare in place, we hope our offer will deliver a welcome boost to the economic revival already being seen in towns and city centres."

We can't wait to see you back on board, and hope that you enjoy an evening out with us soon.