NEW! Use contactless on all our buses

9 months ago Fri 17th Apr 2020

You can now use your contactless bank card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay to buy tickets on all The Burnley Bus Company buses!

We’ve been working hard over the last couple of weeks to upgrade the ticket machines on our buses to be able to bring you this change. Please use contactless wherever you can, and take a look at our other advice for staying safe on and off the bus here.

Here's a few of your most common questions about contactless, answered. 

What is contactless?

Contactless is a quick, secure and easy way to pay without needing cash.

Who can pay with contactless?

You can use contactless if you have a bank or credit card with the contactless logo, or you have a phone which supports Apple Pay or Google Pay. Most new cards now include contactless as standard.

How does it work?

Simply ask your driver for your usual ticket, tap your contactless card or phone on the reader, take your ticket and take a seat.

What tickets can I buy with contactless?

You can buy any of our single, return, day, and week tickets on board, up to the value of £45. 

For 28 day tickets, 12 journey bundles and all of our other tickets, take a look at our free app Transdev Go.

Return tickets on our upgraded ticket machines are for return journeys on the same day. If you’re making your return journey on another day, a 12 journey ticket bundle will be best value for you.

Follow us on Twitter @burnleybuses and let us know if you have any questions.

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