Mr Fitzpatrick's Temperance Bar in Rawtenstall is thought to be the last original temperance bar. It's home to the 464 milkshake, a humongous milkshake which comes with a Double Decker on the side!

The Fitzpatricks came to Lancashire from Ireland in the 1880s. A family of many herbalists, they built a family-run chain of shops throughout Lancashire. These shops dealt in their non-alcoholic drinks, sold herbal remedies, and cordial bottles.

At their peak, the Fitzpatrick family owned 24 shops, all brewing drinks to the original recipes from Ireland. As new drinks came from America, the temperance bars slowly waned. Fitzpatrick's, supported by loyal customers, survived.

The Rawtenstall branch of Fitzpatrick's was run from 1891 until 1980 by family members. It is now run by new owners, with the objective of returning Fitzpatrick's Cordials to the market.

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