Go off the rails - Witchway prices are FROZEN!

9 months ago Tue 31st Dec 2019

It’s now even better value to ride the Witchway between Burnley and Manchester in 2020, as rail prices rise once again. At just £38, a week’s unlimited travel on the Witchway is over £10 per week cheaper than taking the train.  

And it’s much better value even than that! The £38 ticket can be used on all Transdev buses across the North, including in and around Burnley, Blackburn, Rossendale and Greater Manchester and across the pennines into Yorkshire.

There’s a bus between Burnley and Manchester every 15 minutes on the Witchway and during the rush hours buses go the fast way non-stop between Rawtenstall and Manchester to avoid the queues.  

The Burnley Bus Company’s General Manager Steve Ottley said: “Many of those who travel regularly with us on the Witchway between Burnley and Manchester have already switched to us from the train, and they tell us our frequent service, high quality and great value for money are the reasons why.  

“Our Witchway buses are packed with customer-friendly features, including free superfast Wi-Fi and plush leather coach seats upstairs. Our friendly drivers can also give on-the-spot advice to make sure new passengers get the best ticket for their journey.

“As just £38 per week it’s great value and our price freeze sets an even stronger difference against using the train. With all the added benefits of unlimited travel on any of our buses, the ticket for a ride to work can take you on a day trip as well as nights out in the city, with buses as late as 3am on Saturday nights.”

All other ticket prices are frozen too, on local buses in Burnley and further afield. A week’s travel within Burnley is just £16.50 and within Lancashire is just £22.50.

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