Under 19 and paying full fare? Stop - we've got a cracking range of discounted tickets for you

Are you 19 or under, and paying the full adult fare whenever you use the bus? This could be the oddest advice you've ever had from a bus company - but we mean it.

We don't want you to be paying full fare if you're 19 or under. Money is meant for better things than spending on bus travel, right? We know that the bus is your ticket to freedom, and with free WiFi and USB power on lots of our buses, we also help you to stay connected with your friends.

Under 5s travel free

Children under 5 travel free on all of our buses, they just need to be travelling with an adult!.

Under 16s in West Yorkshire

Children aged 11-16 in West Yorkshire travel for half price when in school uniform - no ID required! 

If you're not in school uniform, you must have either a Metro Young Persons PhotoCard (for 11-16 year olds) or a Metro 16-18 Photocard to get 1/2 price fares.

Under 19s in North Yorkshire and Lancashire

Under 19s travelling in North Yorkshire and Lancashire get 1/3 off adult fares, no ID required - just ask your driver for a U19 ticket.

11-16s in Greater Manchester

Under 16s in Greater Manchester can get half fare singles, returns, day and week tickets when you buy on the bus. You must have an igo pass to buy these tickets, which you can sign up for on the TfGM website.

Our Pass

Young people aged 16-18 can travel for free in Greater Manchester with Our Pass. Find out more on the Our Pass website.

It's a no brainer, so make your choice, start saving and decide what you're going to do with all that extra cash.