Tickets and fares for TeamPennine

TeamPennine is the new name for routes formerly ran by Yorkshire Tiger, and some brand new routes and changes.

A new name, a new approach

The new brand symbolises our local, people-centric approach. After all, bus companies are all about the local people and places they serve. You – our customers – will be at the heart of our decision making going forward, and our colleagues based at our two depots at Elland and Waterloo will be the face of our business.

New ticket range

We have a new range of money-saving tickets for our TeamPennine buses, and there are a number of our Transdev tickets that will also allow you to travel on this new network. All Yorkshire Tiger tickets will remain available to use until they expire – just use them as normal.

Whether you’re planning a day out with the family, a regular journey to work, a shopping trip to bag those bargains or an evening out with friends, we’ve got you covered.

Most of our tickets are available to purchase on the Transdev Go app to use on your phone, find out more and download our app here

If you would like to pay with cash don't be worried about having the exact amount, our driver they will be able to give you change! 

Pennine and Halifax areas 

You can find the area map for our Pennine and Halifax tickets here, click on the image to open in a new window 

Team Pennine area map


We have a range of Pennine tickets which are brilliant value available any day, any time on any TeamPennine bus. If you’re travelling in a pair, save money with our Pennine Duo ticket, or if you’re in a group of up to 5 people, take advantage of huge savings with our Pennine Group ticket.


Pennine 1 – £4.50

Pennine 1 bundle of 5 £20

Pennine 1 bundle of 10 £36

Pennine Duo £6

Pennine Group £8 this ticket is valid for up to five people of any age

Pennine 7 £15.50


Pennine 28 £55

Subscribe and save even more with us!

Our 28 Day tickets are brilliant value – but there’s a way you can make them even better! Just like your Netflix subscription or your gym membership, subscribing to pay monthly makes sense – it works out cheaper over a year, and your ticket renews automatically at the end of each calendar month, so it saves you time and hassle. There are no fees, and you can cancel your subscription at any time – and any days beyond 28 in a month come absolutely free!


Pennine Monthly Subscription £55


Our Halifax ticket offers amazing value if you’re traveling in and around Halifax during the week.


Halifax 7 - £11

Single, Return and 12 Journey Tickets

If you’re just making one or two trips in a day, these great value tickets are ideal for you. Why not pay the easy way with contactless bank and credit cards, or use Apple and Android Pay on all of our buses – just tap, take a ticket and enjoy your journey! Just ask your friendly driver for your best value single or return fare.

For our single and return fares, just ask your driver for the price.

Money saving tip: If you buy single tickets often, why not buy 12 Pennine journeys in a bundle? It’s much better value than paying every time, and you don’t need to hunt for change! Buy on our Transdev Go mobile app and save more with these great value tickets. Choose when you use!


Pennine 12 journeys - £17

If you use the 502 to travel to Keighley and beyond, take a look at our range of Keighley tickets which give you unlimited travel on the 502 as well as all Keighley Bus Company buses.

Young People

For information on Young Persons tickets, please visit the Mcard website