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We've added more buses from 31 May so you can spread out more on board

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Our buses are professionally cleaned during the day and night and we’re working hard to keep you safe. So if you need us, we’re ready to go.

2 weeks ago Wed 20th May 2020

We’ve always been proud to say that our buses are clean, and we’re going even further now to make sure you feel as comfortable on board as you can.

Buses are deep cleaned every night by our expert team of cleaners ready for you each morning.

Cleaners at our bus stations hop on board to disinfect buses and thoroughly clean touchpoints throughout the day.

Drivers carry cleaning kits to ensure we are equipped during the journey.

And, we are using new, highly effective anti-virus techniques such as virucidal fog every night as part of our new regime to combat covid-19.


You being safe and comfortable means everything to us, so you’ll see some new advice displayed on our buses, here online and on our social media. You can help us keep you, our drivers and our other customers safe too.

Think about whether your journey is essential before you set out, and if you can travel at a quieter time. Make sure you’re following us on Twitter for the latest advice on busy and quiet times on our buses.

So we can spread out on board, we’re adding more buses to our timetables. Only a limited number of people can use each bus so we can provide social distancing between you and fellow travellers.

Wash your hands before you use the bus, bring hand sanitiser if you can, and wash your hands again after you get off the bus too. Try to wear a face covering on board. Use a fabric one rather than a medical one – our hard-working friends in the NHS and other healthcare roles need those! You may want to get creative – here’s how you can make your own here.

Check whether the ticket you need is available online or on our Transdev Go app. If it isn’t and you need to buy one on the bus, try to avoid cash and use your contactless card or device if you can. The limit has been raised to £45 and our machines work with any contactless card, smart watch or phone payments.

When you’re on board, space out and sit apart. To reassure and protect you, our drivers and our other passengers, you’ll see some seats cannot be used. Take a look around and see if you can give yourself more room as people leave the bus.

Our buses are ventilated best when the windows are open so the air can flow through, so please don’t close these during your journey.

Once you’re ready to get off, please wait behind the line on the floor, until the bus has come to a stop - it helps to give our drivers some space.

Want to know more? Keep up to date with our latest news and changes to bus times on Twitter @rossobus or on our Facebook page.


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