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Go the quick the health centre!

2 months ago Wed 18th Sep 2019

We’re hearing loud and clear that a better bus service to the medical centre on Entwisle Road is what local people want.

So from 27 October, all our Lakeline 457 buses – going the fastest way between Rochdale and Littleborough down Halifax Road - will run along Entwisle Road instead of Yorkshire Street.

This creates a fast link every 30 mins from Rochdale along Entwisle Road to the Croft Shifa health centre, and on to Littleborough. 

We know our Lakeline bus is a vital link for many local people and we’ve seen customer numbers rising each month since we put the new buses the route - hopefully this further change will mean even more people can get around with us in Rochdale and further afield.

Download your new Lakeline timetable now.

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Entwisle Road


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