Fairfield Hospital signs up to save 10% on bus travel with Commuter Club

10 months ago Thu 7th Nov 2019

A money saving offer to encourage more people to make an environmentally-friendly choice for the journey to work – that’s the incentive behind a new scheme being promoted to local employers by bus operator Rosso. And the opportunity is already being seized by forward-thinking employers such as Bury & Rochdale Care Organisation, part of the Northern Care Alliance NHS Group.

The new Commuter Club initiative is being pioneered across the North by parent company Transdev, to attract more people to join the thousands who’ve already swapped rising fuel and parking costs – and the stress of driving in busy town and city centres – for a chauffeur-driven journey to and from work on a comfortable and low-emission bus.

Rosso Operations Manager Tony Fiocca said: “We already work with several larger employers to provide dedicated bus services and discount travel – now, we want to go an important step further and offer the many benefits of bus travel to companies right across Rossendale and Greater Manchester.

“Whether you’re an employer looking to sign up, or a commuter who wants to benefit from savings on travel, all you need to do is to send an email to us at: [email protected].

“As soon as an employer is signed up, everyone in their team will be able to get 10 per cent off travel on all our buses across Yorkshire and Lancashire. We’ll also bring our tailor-made display of information on our bus routes and Commuter Club discounts direct to the office, factory or store, to show how we can make travel to and from work easier and cheaper as well as better for the environment.”

Bury and Rochdale Care Organisation employs 2,685 people in the local area at Fairfield General Hospital and Rochdale Infirmary and is the first local company to sign up, launching at Fairfield General Hospital.

Barry Waterhouse, Travel and Access Manager at the Northern Care Alliance NHS Group said: “Like every major employer, it’s important for us to know we can get our teams into the workplace easily and having an amazing every 10 minutes bus service like Trax on our doorstep is such a great bonus for us. To be able to go a step further and get 10% off the cost of bus travel for all of our teams is a no brainer so we’ve jumped at the opportunity.

“There’s a fantastic array of help on offer from Rosso to make this work for our teams and we’re taking advantage of the whole lot with bus times displayed at all our entrances, signage to the bus stop, timetable displays and real-time information linked through to our staff intranet. Commuter Club will make a huge difference to our teams and our environmental footprint too.”

Fairfield Hospital