Changes in Rochdale and Bury from 24 April 

2 months ago Thu 7th Apr 2022

Changes in Rochdale and Bury from 24 April 

We are making some changes to buses in Rochdale and Bury from Sunday 24th April following a renewed partnership with Transport for Greater Manchester. 

TfGM will help fund more evening and Sunday buses, some new links between Milnrow and Littleborough and to jobs at Kingsway and Stakehill business parks. Ten low emission, refreshed buses are joining our fleet for our Rochdale and Oldham routes.  We will be running fewer school buses with some replaced by the new routes below, and others replaced by different operators. TfGM and your school will have details of these changes.


We are simplifying our daytime times and routes so the buses which currently run as the 456 will instead run as the 458, meaning you’ll have a bus every 30 minutes through Stubley and Hollingworth Lake. Stubley will now be served by the R5 which runs to Littleborough, Milnrow and Rochdale.  Evening and Sunday 458 will still run every hour. Customers for school bus 857 from Stansfield to Wardle Academy will now use the 458 instead – it will run to Shore and Stansfield at school times.

Lakeline 457 will still run hourly for now, while we continue to recruit more drivers. We hope to get back to running every 30 mins soon. We will also run every hour in the evening and on Sunday – this serves Shore and Stansfield instead of the 458.

You can check the new Lakeline timetable here 


There are a few small changes to the evening and Sunday timetable on Trax with a through bus to Rochdale at 2306 Monday to Saturday and 2310 on Sunday. Sunday morning 468 buses will leave Rochdale at 7am and 8am then bus every half hour (combined 467/468, as now) after that. From Bury we leave at 0745, then at 0845, and then a bus every 30 mins after that.

You can check the new Trax timetable here 

Bury Bolts

B1 – there are minor changes to times on the B1 – You can check the new B1 timetable here 

B2 – we will now run an evening bus at 2110 from Bury and Sunday buses from Nangreaves at 1132, 1333, 1532 and 1733 and from Bury at 1110, 1310, 1510 and 1710. – You can check the new B2 timetable here 

B4 – the route will change and will now serve Fern Grove giving links from there to and from Fairfield Hospital. We will also run evening and Sunday buses too. – You can check the new B4 timetable here 

273 – the route will no longer run. Instead there will be a 480 journey between Ramsbottom and Bolton. Leaving Ramsbottom in the morning at 0750 Mondays to Fridays and 0738 on Saturdays, and returning from Bolton in the afternoon at 1725 Mondays to Saturdays. – You can check the new 480 timetable here 


There are minor changes to times, and we will run every hour on Sundays and every two hours in the evening too. – You can check the new 480 timetable here 


Rochdale Runners

There are big changes here as follows..

R1 Syke – there are minor changes to the timetable – we still run hourly all day every day – You can check the new R1 timetable here 

R2 Rochdale, Norden, Heywood and Bury – extra early morning and teatime trips introduced – You can check the new R2 timetable here 

R3/R13 Wallbank – we are simplifying these so we serve Shawclough Way, Paton Street and Bentley Street all the time. All buses will show R3. A new hourly evening bus will run Rochdale to Healey Corner every day. Sunday daytime buses will still run hourly to Wallbank. The 737am bus from Healey Corner will run to St Cuthbert’s School with a double decker and replaces school bus 867. It returns at 3pm.

You can check the new R3 timetable here 

Buses to Milnrow, Shaw and High Crompton

These buses are completely revised to give an improved every 20 minute timetable from Milnrow to Rochdale. Our R4, R5, 435 and First’s 408 are replaced by new R4, R5, R9 and R10.

·         Bus R4 will run every hour Monday to Saturdayduring the day to Leyfield Road and The Cray, Milnrow, Sycamore Drive, Newhey and Peppermint Bridge – You can check the new R4 timetable here 

·         Bus R5 will run every hour and brings back the old 452 bus. This will run on Rochdale Road to Milnrow, Wellington Street and Hurstead Road then to Smithybridge, Stubley and Littleborough – You can check the new R5 timetable here 

·         The R9 and R10 are circulars replacing the 408 and 435. The R9 follows the 408 from Rochdale through Milnrow and Newhey to Buckstones and Shaw then the 435 route through High Crompton and Turf Hill back to Rochdale. Use the R10 in the opposite direction. 

·         Evenings and Sundays the R9 will run hourly Rochdale to Milnrow, Buckstones and Shaw and the R10 run hourly the other way.

You can check the new R9 & R10 timetable here 

Bus R6 will also link Milnrow – see below for more detail

New Buses to get you to work at Kingsway Business Park

To replace locallink we will run two new bus routes to Kingsway Bus Park. New R6 will start at Milnrow Kiln Drive, serve Ladyhouse, Kingsway Business Park and Rochdale town centre. It runs hourly all day every day, though early and late trips won’t serve Ladyhouse

You can check the new R6 timetable here 

The R7 will be changed so it runs into Kingsway Business Park, after Morrisons, before running to Kirkholt and Castleton. It is extended from there to Stakehill Business Park, Boarshaw and Middleton. Buses will run all day every day with new early morning, evening and Sunday trips. – You can check the new R7 timetable here 

R8 Norden – there are changes to times, with a bus every hour all day every day – You can check the new R8 timetable here 

New for Oldham 

We’ll also run in the Oldham area for the first time.

402 and 403

We will start operating the 402 which links Oldham, Royal Oldham Hospital, Fitton Park, Royton, High Crompton, Shaw and Buckstones. This replaces the current 402 and part of the 408. We run every hour Monday to Saturday and will include school time trips to North Chadderton High School and Crompton House school. Our friends at Nexus Move will run the evening and Sunday buses. You can check the new 402 timetable here

The 403 will be changed to run from Oldham through Higginshaw, Heyside, Royton and Shaw to Rushcroft and High Crompton. It runs every hour Monday to Saturday. You can check the new 403 timetable here 

If you need any further help, you can reach us on our Facebook page or tweet us @rossobus