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Accrington Road will be closed for around one year from 4 November 2019

4 months ago Fri 25th Oct 2019

Accrington Road will be closed for around one year (after Rosegrove) from 4 November 2019. The 9 and school bus 852 won't be able to stop along Accrington Road whilst the roadworks are taking place, and there will be changes to the timetable on the 9 whilst the work is taking place.

This means we won't be able to stop at Hargher Street, Cog Lane, Florence Street, Barclay Hills, Willie Holts or Valley Gardens.

We'll still be stopping at Network 65 - the 9 will run along the M65 from the roundabout at Burnham Gate, and will come off the motorway at the next junction, and into Network 65 as normal.

Buses on the 9 won't be running through the daytime. If you normally catch the 9 or 852 on Accrington Road, head to the Mitre stop or Network 65 where we'll be able to pick you up instead.

If you normally use the 9 to travel between Burnley and Accrington, use Mainline M1 instead.

Here's the full timetable for the foreseeable future - click the image to download your copy.


9 timetable

We're really sorry for any inconvenience - follow us on Twitter @burnleybuses to stay up to date.

9 closure


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