If you travel regularly on our buses, these tickets are best value for you

We've got a range of 7 and 28 day tickets which offer cracking value if you travel several times a week.

You'll see both 28 day and month tickets on our website at the same prices. If you want a one-off ticket you can buy a 28 day ticket on mobile, and most are also available on smartcard. Monthly tickets last for a calendar month, so are best value if you travel regularly, and are available with a monthly subscription. Read more here


Ride on any Transdev bus all across Lancashire, Yorkshire and Greater Manchester! 

Gold 7 £40
Gold 28 £130

Gold 7 - U19 £26.50
Gold 28 - U19 £86



Ride all around Keighley! Use KZONE on any of our buses within Keighley town, including on the Keighley Jets, theSHUTTLE, Aireline and on Mainline M4, too. Use as far as Bracken Bank on the K7 and K10.

KZONE 7 £14
KZONE 28 £37

KZONE boundary map

Download map pdf here


Travel all week or month, as often as you like on most Keighley Bus Company buses.

KCARD 7 £18.50
KCARD 28 £67

KCARD boundary map

Download map pdf here


Travel all week or month on any Keighley Bus Company bus, including theSHUTTLE to and from Bradford, and Aireline to and from Leeds.

KCARD Extra 7 £24
KCARD Extra 28 £77

KCARD Extra boundary map

Download map pdf here


If you travel around Bradford on theSHUTTLE or the 67, our Bradford area ticket is for you. Valid on theSHUTTLE between Bradford and Bingley, and the 67 between Bradford and Thornton.

Bradford 7 £18

Bradford boundary map

Download map pdf here


If you travel on our buses within Leeds, our Leeds tickets are perfect for you. Use on the 36 between Harewood and Leeds, the 7 between Bramley Grange and Leeds, Aireline between Shipley Market Place and Leeds, and on Coastliner between Becca Lodge and Leeds.

Leeds 7 £18
Leeds 28 £61

Leeds boundary mapDownload map pdf here