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Return to earth late on theSHUTTLE, with buses out as late as you are

7 months ago Mon 17th Jun 2019

Blast off to Bradford on theSHUTTLE! There's a bus every 10 mins between Keighley, Bingley, Saltaire and Bradford, featuring free WiFi, USB power, contactless payments and more. 

Our high flying crew will pilot you in comfort and style, fast down the bus lanes, directly into the heart of the city. If you're retuning to earth late, we've got night flights landing all the way until after midnight on Saturdays. Last bus back from Bradford on #theSHUTTLE on Saturday night is 0020.

And there are some cracking ticket prices too - ride all day on theSHUTTLE and any other Keighley Bus Company bus from just £4.50. 

Return to earth late


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