Our times are a little different around Christmas

1 week ago Fri 19th Nov 2021

With Christmas fast approaching, we know how important it is for our customers to be able to plan ahead and stay organised.

We're expecting a high volume of customers in the morning and afternoon rush hour where many of our buses are likely to fill up, partly due to the fact we have to run at a reduced capacity. We would suggest not travelling during these times unless you have to, and making use of the track your bus feature on our app Transdev Go and the website, where you can see if your bus is already full before it arrives. 

Below, you can find our Christmas timetable to ensure you know we're there for you when you need us.

Friday 24th - Friday times with last buses around 7pm
Christmas Day - No buses
Boxing Day - Boxing Day buses on Aireline, theSHUTTLEDalesway (Keighley – Airedale Hospital)K3K7K9
Monday 27th - Buses running to Sunday times
Tuesday 28th - Buses running to Sunday times
Wednesday 29th - buses running to Saturday times
Thursday 30th - buses running to Saturday times
Friday 31st - buses running to Saturday times, with last buses around 7pm
New Years Day - no buses
Sunday 2nd - Sunday buses
Monday 3rd - Sunday buses
Tuesday 4th - buses return to normal

For the rest of the Christmas period, all of our buses will be running as normal, using our usual routes. This means you can still rely on us to get you where you need to be, whether that's for work or essential Christmas shopping.

Last journeys for Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve

Aireline 60

7.10pm Keighley to Leeds

7.40pm Leeds to Keighley


8.25pm Keighley to Ilkley

8.13pm Ilkley to Keighley

Dalesway 66

7pm Keighley to Skipton

7.40pm Skipton to Keighley


7pm Keighley to Bradford

8pm Bradford to Keighley

theSHUTTLE 662

7.25pm Keighley to Bradford

8.20pm Bradford to Keighley

Brontebus B2

6.35pm Keighley to Oakworth

7.01pm Oakworth to Keighley

Brontebus B3

7.35pm Keighley to Oxenhope

8pm Oxenhope to Keighley

Keighley Jets K3

7.16pm Keighley to Braithwaite

7.25pm Braithwaite to Keighley

Keighley Jets K5

7.38pm Keighley to Thwaites Brow

7.50pm Thwaites Brow to Keighley

Keighley Jets K6

7.30pm Keighley to Wheathead Lane

7.37pm Wheathead Lane to Keighley

Keighley Jets K7

8.05pm Keighley to Oakworth

8.17pm Oakworth to Keighley

Keighley Jets K9

7.52pm Keighley to Bracken Bank

8pm Bracken Bank to Keighley

Otley Dash

7.05pm Otley to Wharfedale Hospital

7.15pm Wharfedale Hospital to Otley

If you have any questions for us about our timetable over the Christmas period, you can get in contact through our Facebook page or on Twitter @keighleybus