Our fresh Clean Air Day promise to cut emissions

3 months ago Tue 22nd Jun 2021

Over eight out of ten of The Keighley Bus Company’s buses now meet UK’s toughest Clean Air Zone standards – with more to follow

We're driving forward with our mission to meet the toughest emission standards as the UK celebrates Clean Air Day today (17 June 2021).

Our buses serve people and communities across the region, and we now have 83 per cent of our regular service buses upgraded to meet the strictest Euro 6 low emission standards – with more set to follow over the next few months.

Our CEO Alex Hornby said: “We are proud to be playing our part towards protecting the environment through our continuing commitment to low emission vehicles – at the same time as we continue investing in high-specification buses that our customers are proud to be seen on.

“As we continue rebuilding our regional economy beyond the pandemic, we can’t just go back to congested streets and traffic jams. Getting back to bus will help us to tackle congestion and pollution in our town and city centres – and already half of our entire bus fleet based here in Lancashire meets the toughest Euro 6 emission standards.

“We also work closely in partnership with local, regional and national authorities, and share our expertise in electric bus operation and emission-reducing technology with other bus operators.”

Our programme to make more of The Keighley Bus Company’s regular bus fleet fully compliant with low emission standards has received financial support from regional and local authorities, including £833,000 from the West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA), and £136,000 from Leeds City Council.

Our drive to make more of our buses fully compliant with the strictest low emission standards will continue in the remainder of 2021 and beyond. We're currently working with local authority partners on joint bids for grant funding to introduce more fully electric, zero emission buses.

Several UK cities are planning to introduce Clean Air Zone (CAZ) regulations in urban areas – with penalties for vehicles which fail to meet Euro 6 low emission standards.

Proposals for a Clean Air Zone in Leeds were withdrawn last October, as pollution levels improved much faster than expected after bus operators, including Transdev, invested in new and updated low-emission technology.