We're growing up! More seats, more space, more Aireline.

2 weeks ago Tue 23rd Jun 2020

We're growing up - with more seats and more space every time on Aireline.

Now that we are carrying more and more people, we want to make doubly sure that we can give everyone plenty of space on board to spread out and sit apart – especially as we know Aireline can get very busy in and out of Leeds.

So, as well as adding more buses to our timetables from 5 July - read more about that here - we're bringing you bigger buses too.

Our new bigger double decker buses have nearly twice as many seats. So, as well as helping out with distancing on-board now, they'll be here to stay - giving everyone room to spread out in the future too as more people come back to the bus. 

We have packed the buses with all the features you've come to expect when travelling with us, including free WiFi and USB power at every seat.

We're proud to say our new buses are clean and green - we've supercharged them for lower emissions! We believe it's just as important to minimise our effect on the environment as it is to give you a safe and enjoyable journey.  

Keep your eyes peeled on our Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as here our website, for news on when the bigger and better buses will hit the roads.