We're improving Rossett School buses from 27 September

9 months ago Mon 20th Sep 2021

From 27th September, we will be making some improvements to buses serving Rossett School based on the first few weeks of operation.

Sometimes, the use of school buses change year to year as new Year 7 students replace the previous Year 11s. This means some trips are busier than expected, and others quieter.

In Jennyfield, the 620H will now also pick up at stops on Crowberry Drive and Harewood Drive as well as the stops on Jennyfield Drive at Saltergate Drive and Grantley Drive. We’ll depart the Saltergate Drive stop at 8.12am.

In Bilton, we’ll run a new S6 from Richard Taylor School at 7:58am then along Fountains Drive, Poplar Grove and King Edward Drive. Those of you who boarded the S2 at Richard Taylor should use the S6 instead as this will mean more space is available on the S2 for others. The afternoon bus will leave from Rossett School grounds like the other school buses.

As a result the 2A at 8am from Bilton and 3:35pm from Bus Station will no longer run. The 6 at 8:20am from Bus Station and 3:20pm from Pannal Ash will be replaced by the S6. The bus at 8:36am from Pannal Ash will run as normal.

This should make travelling to and from Rossett better for everyone - thanks for bearing with us.


You can find the new timetables here.