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Singles and returns

You can pay for single and return tickets with contactless bank and credit cards, Apple and Android Pay on all of our buses, so simply tap, take your ticket, and take a seat. Easy. 

Travelling on more than a few buses each day, week or month? Upgrade and save with one of our 1 Day, 7 Day or 28 Day tickets.

Single tickets

You can buy single tickets from your driver when you get on the bus. If you're coming back the same day, it's often cheaper to buy a day or return ticket.

Return tickets

If you're travelling back on the same day, ask your driver for a return ticket instead of paying for two singles. Here are some of our most popular return tickets:

Ripon or Harrogate to Leeds £8.30

Leeds to Harewood £5

Two travel together for £13.50 return

Two can travel into Leeds and back from Ripon or Harrogate for just £13.50 after 9.30am! Ask your driver for a Two Together ticket. 

This ticket can only be bought after 9.30am on weekdays and at any time during the weekend.


Add favourites by selecting the star on a stop's departure board

Timetables & Maps

Add favourites by selecting the star on a timetable