There are roadworks on The Headrow which means we've made some changes to keep you moving

1 year ago Mon 5th Aug 2019

There are roadworks taking place on The Headrow from 1 September 2019, which means we need to make some changes to keep you moving in Leeds city centre during the evening rush hours.

The roadworks only affect our buses on weekdays during evening rush hour – on Saturdays and Sundays and before 4pm Monday to Friday, everything will run as normal. The roadworks are expected to finish in Autumn 2020.

The 36

Buses will run as normal in both directions except between 4pm and 5.30pm, when we will run two routes every 20 minutes from Leeds bus station or from Infirmary Street, which will combine to run every 10 minutes from New Briggate towards Harrogate.

We will run every 20 minutes from Infirmary Street (stand H) and run non-stop to New Briggate then via our usual routes to Harrogate. We won't be able to stop at stop R2 (outside Browns) on The Headrow. If you normally catch you bus outside Browns, you'll need to catch it from New Briggate or Infirmary Street instead.

We will also run every 20 minutes from Leeds bus station during the afternoon rush hour, running straight to New Briggate so via a quicker route.

From New Briggate and all stops to Harrogate and Ripon we will generally run to the same timetable as now, up to every 10 minutes.

Some of our buses heading into Leeds between 4pm and 5:30pm will finish at Infirmary Street too, instead of the bus station. All buses will drop off at Vicar Lane as normal.


The buses leaving Harrogate towards Leeds at 2.40pm, 3.10pm and 3.40pm will run as normal, but will finish at Infirmary Street instead of the bus station in Leeds.

The three evening rush hour buses from Infirmary Street will run slightly earlier, at 4.36pm, 5.11pm and 5.46pm. These buses will run to Leeds bus station first, then to New Briggate afterwards. These buses won't be stopping at their usual stop on The Headrow (H1, outside Jessops), so if you normally catch your bus here, head over to Infirmary Street or New Briggate, where you'll be able to catch the 7 instead.

If you normally catch the 7 at Leeds bus station, it'll be a few mins later than normal as buses will be coming from Infirmary Street first.

Thanks for bearing with us during these roadworks. By making these changes, we hope things will run as smoothly as possible whilst the works are taking place.

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