Are you a York local? Save on CitySightseeing York!

1 month ago Thu 10th Sep 2020

Every Sunday we're offering discounted tickets to York locals when you show your York Card. 

It's only £10 for an adult ticket and £20 for a family with up to two adults and three children compared to £16 and £34 for full price tickets. 

Our CitySightseeing tour is a great way to see York with fresh eyes and explore your own city in a way you haven't before. We can take you around all the major attractions like the York Dungeon and the Minster, as well as less visited yet just as interesting gems such as Dick Turpin's grave. 

Our guides are as knowledgeable as you can be about York, and are full of interesting and unusual facts, we can almost guarantee you will learn something new about your city. 

You will also get access to exclusive discounts when you have a CitySightseeing ticket through Transdev Treats, that can save you some money at plenty of local cafe's, bars and restaurants as well as some attractions. 

Read more here about our tour and Transdev Treats here.

To find out more about the York Card, which is only £6 for residents of the City of York council area, click here

It also entitles you to discounts at many other attractions in York, that you can use our tour to visit! 

You can claim your discount by showing your York Card when you buy your ticket from one of our team or your tour bus driver.