If you travel regularly on our buses, these tickets are best value for you

We've got a range of 7 and 28 day tickets which offer cracking value if you travel several times a week.

You'll see both 28 day and month tickets on our website at the same prices. If you want a one-off ticket you can buy a 28 day ticket on mobile, and most are also available on smartcard. Monthly tickets last for a calendar month, so are best value if you travel regularly, and are available with a monthly subscription. Read more here


Ride on any Transdev bus all across Lancashire, Yorkshire and Greater Manchester! 

Gold 7 £38
Gold 28 £120

Gold 7 - U19 £25
Gold 28 - U19 £78


Ride on any of our buses in and around the city of York.

York 7 £17
York 28 £57

York 7 - U19 £8.50

York Plus

Ride on any of our buses in and around the city of York, and as far as Tadcaster on Coastliner and Sheriff Hutton on CastleLine.

York Plus 7 £24.50
York Plus 28 £87

York Plus 7 - U19 £13

All York Week

We accept the City of York's multi-operator bus tickets. Buy and use them on most buses within York, including Coastliner and York & Country buses.

Adult £19


Ride around Scarborough - valid all day on Coastliner between Seamer and Scarborough.

Scarborough 7 £17.50
Scarborough 7 - U19 £11.50

Scarborough Plus

Ride around Scarborough and beyond - valid all day on Coastliner between Sherburn and Scarborough.

Scarborough Plus 7 £25
Scarborough Plus 7 - U19 £17