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Wear a face covering on the bus and when you're in our bus stations

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Network changes

We're making some changes from Sun, 1st Nov. See how this affects you…

    • Coastliner 840
    • 843
    • X40
    • X43
    Leeds to York & Malton then Scarborough or Pickering & Whitby

    Damage to Goathland Bridge means we cannot reach our stops in Goathland

    Unfortunately due to the collapse of Goathland Bridge we can’t reach either of our stops in Goathland. There is no diversion we can take to avoid the bridge, due to a low bridge on the alternative route. Buses will continue straight up the A169 and the closest stop to Goathland will be Goathland Lane End

    Railway Bridge repairs mean stop in Goathland missed

    Due to Railway Bridge repairs taking place from 20 October to 9 November, we are unable to reach stops in Goathland. We're sorry for any inconvenience caused.