Feeling comfortable & confident on board from July 19

4 months ago Mon 19th Jul 2021

From Monday 19 July, many remaining Government restrictions will be relaxed, with changes to measures including social distancing and the wearing of face coverings.

We want everyone to feel comfortable and confident every time they travel with us, and throughout the pandemic we have encouraged everyone to support us in helping to keep each other safe. With this in mind, we recommend that our customers continue to wear a face covering when travelling with us, especially at busy times, and just as they may choose to do in other busy places.

A limited number of people have been legally exempt from wearing a face covering under the existing restrictions, and we ask everyone to remember that this may be why some customers will choose not to do so from Monday.

Our buses are clean, safe and ready to go, just as they have always been, and we will continue with the highest standards of cleaning on every bus and at our bus stations, including nightly deep cleaning inside buses using anti-viral fog, while hand sanitiser dispensers will remain on each bus. Colleagues may also continue to wear face coverings, we will maintain the use of screens around the cab area on board and they will also continue to be issued with their on-board cleaning kits. We'll also continue to encourage keeping bus windows open this summer, so fresh air can circulate freely. This all helps everyone feel comfortable on board.

A year before the pandemic, we provided live information on available space on our buses via our Transdev Go mobile app. We will keep making this available to help our customers: we will also continuously monitor our services to ensure sufficient space is available for everyone to travel confidently with us.

We are sure you join us in showing your support and appreciation of the tremendous effort of all our colleagues who continue to not let us, you and your communities down.

We are looking forward to continuing to welcome more and more of you BACK to BUS.