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ZAP for just £10 return

We're bringing our cities across the north even closer with comfy, fast buses zapping between the cities, quicker than ever before!

You can ZAP for just £10 return between Leeds and York - buy tickets with cash or contactless from your driver. 

Upgrade to an open return for just £2 extra - it's just £12 return, and you can come back any time within one month. Buy on our app, Transdev Go, or from your driver.

Normal ZAPPING fares

One way

Travel any day, any time - buy on the bus from your driver

£7 adult
£4.80 young person

Day return

Return on the same day - buy on the bus from your driver 

£10 adult
£7 students, NHS or uni staff with ID
£18.50 two adults together

Anytime return

Upgrade and save, with the freedom to return any time within one month! Buy from your driver or on our app, Transdev Go


Gold and Daytripper Plus

Travel far and wide with our Gold and Daytripper Plus tickets - use them on any Transdev bus across Yorkshire, Lancashire and Greater Manchester!


Enjoy unlimited rides on any of our buses. Buy online or on our app, Transdev Go.

Adult week £38
Adult month £120

Young person week £25
Young person month £78

Daytripper Plus

You can buy and use Daytripper Plus at any time of the day, any day of the week - buy from your driver, online or through our app, Transdev Go.

Adult £17.50
Child £11.60
Group (up to 5 adults) £30

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