For the un-every day. If you’re not riding every day, buy a ticket bundle and save money.

11 months ago Tue 9th Jun 2020

If you’re travelling less often at the moment, you can still save on the cost of buying individual tickets with our new ticket bundles. They are even better than a weekly ticket if you don’t use the bus every day.

You can buy a bundle of 5 tickets for the cost of 4 and a bundle of 10 for the cost of 8. Activate each day and use whenever you wish! Or if single journeys are more convenient to you than days, you can buy a bundle of those too.

The bundles are available to buy through the Transdev Go app or on our website.

You can find details of the new bundles by following the links below

York - travel on Cityzap between York centre and York College and any York & Country bus within the city of York, including Coastliner. Check the ticket zone map here. 

5 separate days of travel for the price of 4 at £19

10 separate days of travel for the price of 8 at £36

12 journeys - 12 single tickets for £27

If you need to travel further on Cityzap, or on any Transdev bus in Yorkshire or Lancashire, use the tickets below.

Daytripper plus bundle of 5 at £42

Daytripper plus bundle of 10 at £80

12 journeys - 12 single tickets for £42

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