Tap on, Tap off FAQ

You can now tap on, tap off and track your spending with contactless capping on our buses!

Is tap & cap right for me?

Tapping and capping works out cheaper for most people, but there are times when it might not be the best value for you. Take a look at this table to find out whether it works for you.

Tap & cap works for you if...

✔️ you're making a single trip
✔️ you aren't sure of your plans for the day, and you may end up making one or two trips
✔️ you travel regularly enough that you would normally buy a day ticket
✔️ you travel regularly enough that you would make use of a 7 day ticket
✔️ you're making a return trip between York and Leeds
✔️ you're making a return trip within Leeds

Tap & cap might not be the best option for you if...

you pay a reduced price because you're a young person, work for the NHS or are a student (tap & cap only works for adult tickets at the moment)
you are travelling in a group - cheaper group tickets are available from your driver
you normally buy a return ticket for a journey not listed in our tables below
you normally buy a monthly ticket on our app or website
you need a printed ticket (but you can still view your journey history online)
you make a journey which needs a transfer ticket for onward travel - you can still buy these from your driver

Tap & cap areas

Here's a handy table to show you the limits at which tap & cap will apply. This is the maximum you'll spend per day or week, depending on where you travel to and from.

Ticket zone Daily cap Weekly cap
Full route between York and Leeds £10 £38*
Between York and York College £4.50 £17

*For the first time, tapping and capping allows you to pay for your travel with contactless for a weekly Gold ticket! 

Here are some frequently asked questions about contactless capping.

How do I know if my card is contactless?

Look out for the contactless symbol on your credit or debit card. Most new cards issued in the UK will have contactless as standard.

Can I buy return tickets by tapping on and tapping off?

Not at the moment. Tapping on and tapping off caps at the single, day or weekly price, so if you normally buy a return ticket, it might still be cheaper for you to do this. We're working on a resolution for this issue with our suppliers.

Which contactless cards can I use? 

All Visa, Mastercard and Maestro contactless credit and debit cards can be used. You can also use Apple Pay and Google Pay on your phone or watch. 

Will I still get a ticket?

When you pay with contactless by tapping on and tapping off, you won't receive a ticket. You can still check your fares and journey history by logging into our Tap on, Tap off portal with your card details.

Do I get a receipt? 

You won't get a receipt on the bus, but if you login with your card details on our website, you can see your journey history and download receipts. 

How close do I have to be to the card reader?

You should place your card (or phone, or watch if you're using Google Pay or Apple Pay), directly onto the reader. It should only take a moment or two to 'beep'. 

Can I use my card for more than one person?

You can only use your contactless card for one person per journey. 

I have a joint bank account, can I still use my contactless card?

Yes, you can. If you both have separate cards, you can use both cards at the same time, such as when you're travelling together.

Is it safe?

In short, yes! Our systems are fully compliant with the latest security standards, and contactless is one of the safest ways to pay. All of your history is available to view online, and if you spot something amiss, you can give us a call on 01535 603 284, and we'll look into it. 

What happens if I forget to touch off? 

You will be charged to the final destination of the journey that your bus is making, so always remember to touch off in order to avoid higher fares. If you do forget to touch off, give us a call on 01535 603 284 and we'll be able to help. 

Can I get child or discount prices when touching on and off?

No, you can only get adult tickets with touch on, touch off contactless payments.

What happens if I use my phone or watch to touch on, but then it runs out of battery before I can touch off?

You will be charged to the final destination of the journey that your bus is making, but if this happens, give us a call on 01535 603 284 and we'll be able to help. 

Do I need to have 4G or WiFi on my phone or watch in order to pay by contactless?

No, don't worry. Our ticket machines do all the hard work, so you don't need an internet connection to pay with contactless.