Who can travel? How does lockdown affect my bus? All your questions are answered here in one place for you.

3 weeks ago Mon 2nd Nov 2020

We’ve always been proud to say that our buses are clean, and we’ve gone even further to make sure you feel as comfortable on board as you can.

On this page you’ll find everything you need to know about using the bus, but if you’ve still got questions after taking a look, message us on our Twitter @Cityzapbus or on our Facebook page.

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How lockdown affects our buses
Checking bus times 
Who may and may not travel
What we’re doing to keep our buses clean
Keeping you safe, including distancing on board and at stops
Face coverings on the bus
Different payment and ticket options
Check how many seats are free on the bus
What to do if your bus is full
What to do if you need extra help, or the ramp lowered on the bus


  The November lockdown and how it affects buses

The lockdown announced by the Prime Minister for November is different to the one held in the earlier part of the year because some places - including schools, colleges, universities and some workplaces - are remaining open. 

Our buses provide a vital service for many people to get to work and to education, and the Government is providing support to bus companies so we can keep buses on the road.

We don't plan any changes right now, but it's possible that we may do if there are additional pressures on our team - such as the need for any of our frontline team to isolate. We'll keep you up to date here and through our social media feeds, and on our app Transdev Go. 

Checking bus times

  • Click here to see all our current timetables.
  • If our timetables are going to change, we’ll give you as much notice as possible and you’ll see a new article on our homepage.

Who may and may not travel

With the new lockdown, from 5 November, the Government's guidance says that you can and should still travel for these reasons:
·         travelling to work where this cannot be done from home
·         travelling to education and for caring responsibilities
·         hospital GP and other medical appointments or visits where you have had an accident or are concerned about your health
·         visiting venues that are open, including essential retail
·         exercise, if you need to make a short journey to do so
So, if you need us, we’re here for you.

Keep up to date with the very latest guidance here.

What we are doing to keep our buses clean

  • Our buses are deep cleaned every night by our expert team of cleaners ready for you each morning
  • Cleaners at our bus stations are there to hop on board to disinfect buses and clean touchpoints throughout the day.
  • Cleaning kits are carried by drivers to ensure they’re equipped during the journey
  • Virucidal fog is used every night as part of a new regime and is proven to be highly effective

Keeping you safe, including distancing on board and at stops

  • We have added more buses to our timetables so you have a greater choice of journeys.
  • At the bus stop, allow anyone leaving the bus to get off before you try to board. Get on one at a time and keep apart from other customers.
  • We are keeping our buses well ventilated by leaving the windows open to ensure the air is as fresh as possible.
  • Please try to only sit in the window seats, unless you're travelling with family who can sit together
  • We’ve added hand sanitiser dispensers to every bus, so please help yourself as you board and leave the bus.

Face coverings on the bus

It is compulsory to wear a face covering on board buses and in all bus stations.

Read more, including FAQs and where to buy your own here.

Different payment and ticket options

Most of our tickets can be bought through the Transdev Go app, which should help you to avoid paying with cash.

Contactless payments with your bank card, watch or phone are available on board too, up to £45.

We do still accept cash on all our buses, but would prefer you used a mobile ticket or contactless if you can.

Check how many seats are free on the bus

On our website and the Transdev Go app, you can check how busy your bus is to see if there is room for you to board when it arrives. Read more about this on our dedicated article here.

We’re monitoring where buses are busiest, and if we can help you more by letting you know which times are quieter, we’ll update our timetables and add information to our message on Twitter.

What to do if your bus is full

It’s not very likely, because we’ve added extra buses, but due to the limits on the number of people on each bus some may become full. If this happens, the bus will show ‘bus full’ on the front until someone gets off the bus and there is more room.

Because you may have to wait for the next bus, give yourself plenty of time for your journey, especially if you have to be somewhere for a particular time.

If you’d usually catch the last bus, think about whether you could take the one before, in case of the unlikely event that the last bus is full.

We’ll keep monitoring all our buses, and we’re adding extra ones where we need to, to make sure full buses are very rare.

What to do if you need extra help, or the ramp lowered on the bus

All our buses are accessible and the measures on board we have put in place to support distancing take account of the wheelchair bay, which is still fully accessible.

If you need our driver to lower the ramp, they may ask you to move back whilst they operate the ramp, to maintain safe distancing.

If you need assistance with anything during your journey, our drivers will be happy to help. And at our bus stations, we have more people there to help you too.

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