GET ZAPPED - we're back even better with buses every 30 mins

7 months ago Mon 26th Apr 2021

Cityzap isn't just the zappiest way to travel between York and Leeds, it's the classiest - and we now have even more buses.

Sky Class has brought new levels of comfort and sophistication to Cityzap, with our comfiest ever seats and plenty of other creature comforts so you zappy lot are the envy of motorists and rail users alike. 

Download the timetable here.

Our journey times are as fast as ever, and don't forget we've got a new stop, at the fast-growing Logic Leeds development for Amazon. Our stop is just an 8 minute journey from Leeds Bus Station, and you can zap from York in just 40 minutes. 

Tickets from York to Amazon are the same as you usually get on Cityzap - £7 single or £10 return - and from Leeds, it’s just £2.40 for a single, or £4.40 return.

If you're connecting onto Cityzap from our other buses around Leeds, such as FLYERThe36 or Aireline, use our Leeds Bradford range of tickets for best value.

Follow us @cityzapbus on Twitter, or on our Facebook page, if you need any help with your journey.