Check how busy your bus is, and help others to see too

1 year ago Sat 30th May 2020

Through our online live bus tracking feature, you can now check whether your bus is quiet or busy, all to help you decide the best journey for you. To check your bus, select the bus route you want to use here, then find your bus travelling on the map.

To help with the accuracy of this new feature, the ticket machine will count each new customer who comes on board and will record when customers get off. This information will then be displayed on our website to give you a good idea of how busy your bus is.  

Your input is really important in addition to this. When you’re on the bus, find the bus you’re on using the map and click the moving bus icon. Then let us know how many people are on board. Your information will help other customers who are waiting for the bus see how busy it is too.

This is live on our websites and the Transdev Go app now!

You’ll notice a few other new features on the live tracking, like the features on your bus, a link to buy tickets and our advice about staying safe when you travel.

Let us know if we can help you any further - drop us a tweet to @Cityzapbus or message us on Facebook.