We're getting back to normal with more buses from 5 July

2 weeks ago Tue 23rd Jun 2020

From 5 July we are adding more buses as we start to see an increase to customers on board. 

We will be getting back to normal frequencies on our Monday to Friday timetables to ensure you can still spread out on board. 

Clean, safe and ready to go.

Adding more buses is just one of things we are doing as part of our intensive work to make sure buses are clean and safe for our drivers and customers. Read more here.

Check what times your buses will be using from 5 July below

The 1 - Blackburn to Darwen then Bolton 

Back to normal Monday - Friday with every 7 minutes Blackburn to Darwen and every 15 minutes to Bolton with some changes at school times and rush hour. 

6 & 7 - Blackburn, Great Harwood and Accrington 

Back to normal Monday to Friday every 7 minutes between Blackburn, Oswaldwistle and Accrington and every 15 minutes between Blackburn, Great Harwood and Accrington. 

Valleyline - Clitheroe to Blackburn then Shadsworth 

Increases to every 30 minutes Monday to Friday, with weekend times unchanged.

4 - Blackburn to Leyburn Road 

Extra buses between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday, every 30 minutes.

If your bus isn't mentioned here, your timetable is staying the same as it is now and you can find it here

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