Give a big warm welcome to your brand new buses – say hello to Little Hotline

1 month ago Thu 8th Apr 2021

We’re now running to Bamber Bridge and Leyland, and we've boosted buses to every 15 mins between Higher Walton and Preston

In partnership with Lancashire County Council, the arrival of Little Hotline means better connections for Preston, Higher Walton, Bamber Bridge and Leyland.

Previously numbered 113, our Little Hotline 153 route runs between Preston, Higher Walton, Bamber Bridge and Leyland every 30 minutes Monday to Saturday and every hour on Sundays from 2 May.

Download the new times here

Together with Hotline, it means that there are buses every 15 minutes between Higher Walton and Preston Monday to Saturday, and every 30 minutes on Sundays. You can see a combined timetable on the link above.

We’ve introduced a brand new fleet of 5 Mercedes midibuses, fully accessible and stylishly appointed inside and out. Look out for our buses in the familiar purple colours of Hotline – just a little smaller than you’ve seen before!

There’s even more good news for all our customers in Preston.

We’ve brought in better value tickets as well as better connections. You can also be able to use the tickets previously available, at the same prices.

Preston tickets for Little Hotline and Hotline

Our new Preston ticket can be used on the whole of the Little Hotline route, and on Hotline between Preston Bus Station and The Oak at Coup Green. So if you're just using Little Hotline and Hotline on this section of the route, this is the best value option.

1 Day
£5 for adults
£2.50 for under 19s

7 Day
£20 for adults
£12.50 for under 19s

28 Day

These are available here on our website and on our app Transdev Go, with 1 and 7 day tickets also available on bus with cash or contactless payment.

Our buses across Lancashire

If you'll regularly be using Hotline to go further than Coupe Green, and also want to hope on other buses run by The Blackburn Bus Company across Lancashire, you'll find a Lancashire ticket to be best value.

1 Day
£7 for adults
£4.60 for under 19s

7 Days
£22.50 for adults
£14.60 for under 19s

Check out the full range including journey and day ticket bundles, 28 day and monthly subscription options here.

Remember you can buy most tickets on board using contactless, by using the free and secure Transdev Go app, or by visiting our team at the shop in Blackburn Bus Station. 

South Preston 

When you buy a Lancashire County Council ticket on Little Hotline buses, its called a South Preston ticket. 

This is the best ticket for you if you just want to travel on Little Hotline, and some other buses around Preston, Bamber Bridge and Leyland - more info here.

The prices will remain the same as follows:

1 Day
£8 for adults
£5 for under 19s
£4 for under 12s
£10 for two people travelling together
£15 for up to 2 adults and 3 children

7 Days
£15 for adults
£10 for under 19s

These tickets are only available to be purchased on the bus, where you can use either contactless, Apple Pay, Google Pay or cash.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you on board Little Hotline – keep in touch with us on Twitter @blackburnbusco or on our Facebook page if you have any questions.

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