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We're using temporary timetables. We're still running most of our buses, just not as often, as we focus on getting key workers to work

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Travel with confidence if you're making an essential journey with us

3 weeks ago Mon 16th Mar 2020

We always want all of our customers and every one of our colleagues to be safe and well, particularly when working and travelling with us. Things happen every day which are beyond our control, and this is another challenge. But our drivers, engineers, customer services colleagues and the rest of the frontline team are working hard and continue to do a fantastic job for you and for us under ever changing circumstances.

We're using temporary timetables at the moment which you can see here. Our buses are for key workers to get to work, for their children to get to school, and essential journeys for people without cars to go to shops. Most of our buses are running, just less often. 

We would like to reassure everyone that our buses are safe to use, and that our normal cleaning regime is thorough with each vehicle cleaned inside and out every night, with extra valets taking place during the day at bus stations. Additionally we have raised the number of extra cleans buses get during the day and are increasing the use of disinfectant used in our processes particularly on well-used surfaces.

Soap and hot water are available to all our drivers where they take their breaks as usual. In addition to this, all of our drivers are being given personal sanitiser gel kits for when they're on the move. 

Let's all take care of each other, and stay safe on and off the bus. 

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With our buses as clean as they’ve ever been, and our dedicated team of drivers ready to take you where you need to go, we’ll carry on being here to keep you moving with confidence if your journey is essential. 

If you need any further help or reassurance follow us on Twitter @keighleybus or contact us here


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