Simpler, easier and cheaper fares for U19s in Keighley

2 months ago Tue 20th Jul 2021

Simpler, easier and cheaper fares for U19s in Keighley

From Sunday 25 July, it’s getting even better value to travel by bus in Keighley and across West Yorkshire thanks to our commitment to cheaper fares alongside our partner operators right across the region.

Most U19s will now pay £1.20 single for your journey. Very short trips (usually 2-3 bus stops) will cost just 60p or it’ll be £1.80 for longer trips. From Keighley, it will cost just £1.20 to get you to Addingham, Eastburn, Oakworth, Haworth, Oxenhope, Denholme, Bingley, Saltaire or Shipley.

Here's where you can get the new £1.20 single fares…

  • On Keighley Jets the maximum U19 fare is £1.20
  • On Aireline, it’s £1.20 from Keighley to Shipley, or Shipley to Kirkstall, or Calverley to Leeds
  • On Brontebus, it’s £1.20 except for trips beyond Oxenhope to Hebden Bridge.
  • On Mainline and Dalesway, it’s £1.20 within West Yorkshire from Keighley all the way to Eastburn
  • On the Shuttle, it’s £1.20 Keighley to Saltaire (and a bit beyond to Ashfield Avenue), or £1.20 Saltaire to Bradford
  • On 62 it’s £1.20 from Keighley to Addingham, or Ilkley to Steeton Station
  • On 64 it’s £1.20 from Ilkley to Addingham (Chelkar Reservoir)
  • On 67 it’s £1.20 from Keighley to Denholme, or from Keelham and Denholme to Bradford
  • On Otley Dash and Wharfedale Links, it’ll never cost you more than £1.20

MyDay tickets are there to use on any bus across West Yorkshire. Ride all day on any bus for £2.50 on the M-CARD app or £2.60 from your driver. You can also buy a bundle of 3 tickets for £7.20 or 10 for £22.50 on the app.

Week tickets are £9 and monthly tickets £35 – buy these on the M-CARD app too.

If you are travelling further afield outside of West Yorkshire, such as to and from Skipton, you can still buy a K-DAY and get unlimited travel all day after 9am for just £2.70. Buy this on the app or from your driver.